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    The 12:12 Diet

    Eat 12 hours, fast for 12 hours

    The 12:12 Diet. A great way to start your intermittent fasting lifestyle.

  • The 12:12 Method

    Intermittent fasting for beginners: An easy way you can lose weight with the 12:12 methodI


    Whenever the new year is approaching, we have first thoughts of good intentions. At the forefront is the desire to eat healthier and lose five or ten pounds. But as good as new intentions sound, they do not last for more than three months, as most studies show. This is mainly because diets are usually too strict to integrate them into everyday life in the long term. Many prohibitions, low energy - no wonder you can quickly fall back into the more comfortable, old patterns. However the 12:12 method promises change, by working on the principle of intermittent fasting and thanks to its simple concept is ideal for beginners. And best of all, you do not have to do without and in between you can treat yourself to a glass of wine or a Sunday brunch with friends. I’ll show you how the 12:12 method works in detail and how you can lose weight with it.


    1. This is how interval fasting works with the 12:12 method


    2. Main Rules of the 12:12 Diet


    3. 3 Meals a day


    4. Balanced Nutrition


    5. Know your Limits


    If you like to eat everything, do not like diet plans and restrictions, and are new to intermittent fasting, the 12:12 diet is ideal for you. It is an easy method of intermittent fasting and has helped many people already to lose weight

  • This is how interval fasting works with the 12:12 method

    The 12:12 method is a form of intermittent fasting - a booming diet concept that relies on healthy weight loss with no bans or strict calorie targets. Fasting is merely the flipside of eating. The basic idea? Part-time fasting! Which means: You only eat in a certain time frame and stop your intake of food for the remainder of the day. The short fasting periods (in contrast to the usual longer healing fasts) are more favorable, because you do not have to endure this for too long, yet still give your fat burn a boost.


    From 5:2 to 16:8 - intermittent fasting exists in a variety of forms, which can be confusing, especially for beginners.


    That's why I introduce you here to the simplest variation: As the name already suggests, with the 12:12 method you simply consume food for twelve hours and fast for twelve hours, every day of the week. So if you have breakfast at seven o'clock in the morning, you can eat your meals until seven o'clock in the evening, then you stop your food intake completely. Only water and unsweetened tea are allowed. Incidentally, there are no fixed times for the fasting window, which makes the diet a little more sympathetic, because it can be optimally adapted to your personal lifestyle. Anyone who does not take a bite in the morning can easily postpone the meal phase to ten in the morning until ten in the evening. However, it is important to stay within the selected times so that the body can get used to it. Specially in the first few weeks you may experience some fatigue or headaches - but just do not give up, because as soon as the body has adjusted to the new nutrition plan, the annoying side effects of the diet disappear. The more regularly you stick to the 12:12 concept, the faster you progress.

  • Main Rules of the 12:12 Diet

    3 Meals a day

    The ideal way is to stick to the classic three-meal principle during the 12:12 diet. Breakfast, lunch and dinner take place in the time frame of the twelve meal-hours, and to take it a step further, eat the largest portion in the morning and the smallest portion in the evening. So at night the body has to spend less energy on digestion and can devote itself undisturbed to various cell and metabolic processes. This ensures a restful sleep and a balanced hormone balance, which in turn prevents cravings the next day.

  • Balanced Nutrition

    The 12:12 method does not limit you to any foods and also does not prescribe any calorie limitations- but who wants to lose weight, should not feed on pizza, ice cream and burgers. It’s not a problem here and there and in moderation, but a balanced, clean diet with as few extras as possible is the top priority. Best is a daily mix of light proteins, healthy vegetable fats, fiber, vitamins and complex carbohydrates. A well-balanced diet lasts longer and gives you energy, while simple carbohydrates (bread, pasta, pasta, etc.) and sugar increase cravings, which make you feel sluggish and lazy.

  • Know your limits

    The twelve hours allowed to eat are not a license to feed on everything without limits. If the stomach growls, one may take some seconds, but overeating should be avoided. It is important to listen carefully to your own body and really only eat until your hunger is satisfied. Some discipline is therefore required despite liberal rules. Extra pointer : According to a Japanese proverb, you should only eat up to 80 percent, because satiety comes only 15 minutes after the last bite.

  • Move

    The 12:12 method does not require a specific workout, but the weight loss process can be optimally supported with regular exercise. Whether it's a yoga class after work, a jogging session in the park or a sweaty HIIT workout in the gym - it's up to you. It is important not to exhaust yourself during the first few weeks. The body has to get used to the part-time fast and you should go easy.

    How do you lose weight with the 12:12 method?

    For those who feed the body in an interrupted manner (grazing) burn only carbohydrates. However, with the twelve-hour fasting period, the body can switch from carbohydrate to fat metabolism. Because it lacks the fuel, it resorts to the (fat) reserves, so to speak. This means it goes after the fat stores around the stomach, legs and hips, which are in the fasting mode. In addition, especially nocturnal snacking on the refrigerator is no longer possible and you can avoid many unnecessary calories. However, how much you can actually lose weight with intermittent fasting is not exactly defined. Since the guidelines are very free to interpret, the success always depends a bit on your own willpower and discipline. But if you take the rules outlined above into consideration, the 12:12 method makes it easy to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

    What to do if the weight stops?

    A typical phenomenon of diets is a weight plateau. Meaning, while the pounds tumble, the weight will eventually stop in the same place. That can quickly reduce the motivation. But do not give up: it usually only takes a small change. Try to do more sport; reduce yourself to 500 calories for one or two days or switch your fasting times. The metabolism needs a little kick to work at full speed again.

    Other benefits of part-time fasting

    The nocturnal fast break stimulates cell regeneration. Because of the abstinence the body has to expend less energy for digestion at night, which it can use optimally for repairs to cells and genes. This makes the skin radiant the next morning and, according to science, most likely has a protective effect against dementia, strokes, heart attacks and cancer. The digestion works better getting a small break, which helps reduce bloating and flatulence. By choosing to eat balanced and responsible, we also gain new energy and feel more satisfied and happier.

    Who can do well with the 12:12 method?

    Part-time fasting according to the 12:12 principle is suitable for just about anyone. Especially people who have never fasted, it’s an easier start, but still brings quick success. Another big advantage is that the twelve hours offer a great deal of leeway: You can easily have dinner with the family, luncheon with colleagues in the office or even plan a visit to a restaurant in between. Since we sleep up to eight hours at night anyway, in principle there are only four hours remaining in which to persevere - that's something anyone can really do! The 12:12 method is thus the optimal everyday diet that can last for several weeks or maybe even forever. A great solution that rewards you with your dream weight instead of frustration and cravings.